Welcome to the David Geffen School of Medicine Online Evaluation System

The CoursEval online evaluation system provides students with a secure and anonymous tool for providing feedback on the medical school curriculum and faculty.

Evaluations are a required component to the medical school curriculum. All evaluations should be completed within 2 weeks of the end of the course or clinical rotation.

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History of the David Geffen SOM Evaluation Office and CoursEval™

The evaluation office at the David Geffen School of Medicine was established in 1992 under the guidance of the MEC (Medical Education Committee) in order to provide a centralized evaluation program for students to evaluate the curriculum and faculty.


From 1992-1999, students completed evaluations on OCR paper forms. This system was cumbersome to the students as well as the evaluation office, resulting in lower response rates and delays in providing feedback to the course/clerkship chairs.


In 1995, the evaluation office began researching a move to an online system in effort to ease the burden on on students, as well as increase security, anonymity, and quality of data.  


CoursEval™ was developed by the University of Buffalo TASC (The Academic Software Collaboration, now a subsidiary of Academic Management Systems) with early participation from the David Geffen School of Medicine. We implemented CoursEval™ in the Fall of 1999. CoursEval™ is now in use at over 200 universities across the United States.


For more information on Academic Management Systems, visit their website at www.academicmanagement.com.